Corpus Christi Public Adjusters

Corpus  Christ Public AdjustersHurricanes, tropical storms, and other calamities have Corpus Christi in their sights. While most residents know the importance of securing their homes, stocking up on supplies, and evacuating when necessary, few are well prepared for the aftermath. After a storm strikes Corpus Christi, public adjusters help property owners navigate the insurance nightmare that follows. However, not all insurance adjusters are looking out for YOUR interests.

Public Insurance Adjusters
First, if you have an insurance claim, chances are you will work with an insurance adjuster. After all, your insurance company will send an adjuster to survey the damage, write estimates, and cut you a check for your losses. Keep in mind that this insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you.

On the other hand, public adjusters are insurance professionals available for hire. In Texas communities such as Corpus Christi, public adjusters work for individual policyholders and are not affiliated with insurance companies. Licensed by the state of Texas, public adjusters must meet specific licensing criteria and follow specific regulations including regulations governing the fees charged.

Why Hire Corpus Christi Public Adjusters When an Insurance Company Adjuster is Free?
Many insurance policyholders fill out their claims forms, shake hands with the insurance adjuster, and accept whatever settlement amount the adjuster says is appropriate. But what if the settlement amount is too low? What if damage was overlooked? What if repair costs are higher than those estimated by the insurance adjuster? What if valuable items were destroyed but not accounted for? What if your policy had additional provisions that were not considered? What if the adjuster says the storm damage is normal wear and tear?

While insurance company adjusters generally do a good job, they aren’t necessarily as invested in your claim as you are. It can take hours of assessments to adequately document and estimate property losses after a major storm. However, major catastrophes mean loads of work for insurance adjusters due to the high volume of claims. It’s not unusual for an adjuster to stop by, take a few photos, and then move on to the next claimant.

By hiring your own adjuster, a public adjuster, you’ll have an insurance professional working for you. Since Corpus Christi public adjusters are paid out of the settlement, there’s no upfront cost to you. In addition, public adjusters work diligently to discover all possible losses and maximize your final settlement offer. Not only is this better for you, it is also a motivating factor for the insurance adjuster who receives his compensation as a percentage of the settlement.

Whether a tropical storm or hurricane is brewing out in the Gulf or one has already unleashed its fury on your property, if you are facing an insurance claim in Corpus Christi, public adjusters can help you get a fair insurance settlement so you can restore your property to its pre-loss condition.